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Fotan residence furniture is a large-scale Chinese solid wood furniture manufacturer integrating production, sales and design, specializing in the production of various sandalwood furniture.The existence of grain, life seems to be slowly flowing, lightsome, balanced, pure, natural, this is a philosophical influence of contracted space, when the natural elements of the use in the field of furniture design, a quiet and peaceful the existence of the internal environment is without language, the space of a virtual net, itself is a kind of static, has a warm human nature.F tan ju furniture design inspiration from the broad and profound Chinese ancient culture, combined with the requirements of the modern people contracted, generous, and with a noble aesthetic temperament and interest, so as to make the tree unique style of original: classical and modern, simple and seem to be generous, noble, more in line with the modern pursuit of quality of life, taste and environmental protection.

The company mainly manages the blood sandalwood bedroom furniture, the blood sandalwood sitting room furniture, the blood sandalwood dining room furniture, the blood sandalwood study furniture, the blood sandalwood tea room furniture, the golden silk nanmu furniture, the white acid branch furniture, the wood carving screen, the wood carving decoration, the camphor wood box cabinet and so on Chinese style solid wood furniture.

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