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恒順實木床鋪板定做加工擁有完善的生產設備、先進的生產加工工藝和一批高素質的技術人才,我們所有模板、板邊全部砂光去皮,增強膠合力,憑此工藝我們的床鋪板質量比普通生產的板材好很多,銷量逐年提高。恒順實木床鋪板定做加工依靠科學的管理體系,不斷創新發展,力求為各地客商提供優質的產品和、周到的服務。 我們堅持"質量為本、客戶至上"的品牌宗旨,愿以"誠信經營、追求卓越"的品牌精神,熱忱期待與各地新老朋友洽談合作、共同發展!

Hengshun solid wood bed board custom processing is located in hebei province xianghe county town of 500 800 industrial zone. Superior geographical location, convenient transportation, rich resources.
Hengshun solid wood bed board customized processing professional production of various specifications: high, medium, low grade bed board. We focus on working with customers to solve a series of problems, such as raw material quality management, inventory and working capital control, material supply and production schedule coordination; To satisfy the needs of customers.
The product quality is excellent, the price is reasonable, sells well all over the country, and deeply customer's favor.
Hengshun solid wood bed board customized processing has a sound production equipment, advanced production and processing technology and a number of high-quality technical personnel, we all templates, board edge all sanding peeling, to enhance the glue force, with this process our bed board quality than the ordinary production of the plate is much better, sales increase year by year. Hengshun solid wood bed plate custom processing depends on the scientific management system, continuous innovation and development, and strive to provide quality products and thoughtful service for merchants everywhere. We adhere to the "quality first, customer first" brand purpose, is willing to "integrity management, the pursuit of excellence" brand spirit, and look forward to the new and old friends around the enthusiasm to negotiate cooperation, common development!

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