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Sen wood edge is a professional custom, production, sales of solid wood furniture brand, in product customization, efforts to break through the bondage of the trend, the combination of traditional technology and modern life consciousness, with introverted elegant artistic style, to bring consumers extraordinary product charm.

With high-quality solid wood as the main material, the simple and beautiful lines of traditional furniture are integrated into the modeling, and the meticulous carving technology makes the products simultaneously present the dignified elegance of classical furniture and the elegant temperament of Chinese furniture. It represents the realm of a fashion home life. It is a label of identity and status. It is culture, art, enjoyment, treasure, and a lifestyle we look forward to for a long time.

We are in line with the "customer first, quality first" purpose, dedicated to provide consumers with more perfect after-sales service and quality tracking service, warmly welcome the general new and old merchants to negotiate, order!