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13784788108 銷售:13483606333(經緯) 13784788108(鑫億?。?
御寶坊 元宗爵士山莊現代新

御寶坊 元宗爵士山莊現代新中式家具是一家主做高檔烏金木、非洲檀木家具研發、設計、生產、服務為一體的專業實木家具商家。風格涵蓋北歐、田園風、現代新中式。御寶坊崇尚自然與和諧的生活方式,將傳統工藝設計、自然元素與時尚色彩完美融合,營造一個溫馨舒適、綠色健康的原生態居家環境。

御寶坊以質量過硬、做工精細、款式新穎著稱,在產品設計研發上,始終秉持“自然 人文”的家具文化理念,倡導環保、健康實木家具的尚品生活,將當代人們的生活形態研究和社會主流文化融入家具的研發設計與制造中,傾心服務于廣大消費者。



Yubao fang yuanzong jazz villa modern new Chinese furniture is a main high-end wood, African sandalwood furniture r & d, design, production, service as one of the professional solid wood furniture business.Style covers northern Europe, rural wind, modern new Chinese style.Yubaofang advocates a natural and harmonious life style, perfectly integrates traditional craft design, natural elements and fashionable colors, and creates a warm, comfortable, green and healthy original ecological home environment.

Royal bao fang is famous for its excellent quality, fine workmanship, novel style, in product design development, always adhere to the furniture culture concept of "natural humanity", advocate environmental protection, health, solid wood furniture is life, the study of contemporary people's lifestyle and social mainstream culture into the research and development design and manufacture of the furniture, fall in love in the service of the broad masses of consumers.

Yubao fang insists on original design and solid wood materials as the core competitiveness of the brand, and combines with the contemporary lifestyle, a variety of styles, a variety of schemes arbitrary collocation, trying to create a comfortable and satisfactory home living space for each consumer.

The growth of royal treasure square cannot leave the support and the deep love of the majority of customers, we will inject more enthusiasm, greater efforts, and the majority of new and old customers to maintain a good long-term partnership, work together to create a better future.If you are interested in our products and services, look forward to your online message or call for advice.


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